Interesting Bed Bug Facts

  • Bedbugs are Visible-You just need to know where to look.
    Check all corners and edges of the mattress and especially the Underside of the Box Springs, also the entire bed frame, Use a good flashlight to see into the cracks, gaps, and crevices!
  • Bedbugs do bite…But not everyone reacts to the bite in the same way!
    if you are getting bites on a regular basis it is recommended strongly that you rule out the possibilities that there are bedbugs in your bed. However I recommend that you inspect your bed for bedbugs at least 4 times a year or every 3 months!
  • Bedbugs aren’t always in the Bed!!
    Just because the name implies that they are only found on beds. All they need to survive is blood. So they can be found wherever people are. It is not possible to entirely shield yourself from them, because they are possibly found wherever you may go!
  • You can STOP Bedbugs from infesting your home!!!
    They are preventable by paying close attention to what/who enters your house for an extended period of 24 hours or more; as they are great hitchhikers and can enter on shoes, luggage, purses etc… A clothes dryer is your friend…just 5-10 mins in a clothes dryer is sufficient heat to kill all stages of bedbugs! If you can put it in a dryer (without damage) do it!!
  • If you notice a bedbug issue. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! Please remain calm,and Call (661) 298-2200 We are available 24/7 including Holidays to respond to your call for help!! We are able to eliminate the bedbugs in one treatment guaranteed!
    Do not go read anything else on the internet! All the companies on the internet mostly want to sell you a product that you can treat them yourself with. These products are not valid and pose health risk that you should not take on by yourself! The whole concept of Diatomaceous Earth powder for the treatment of bedbugs is Invalid, and has been proven in the lab NOT to work, please do not try this approach, we run into it all the time!!!